Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cora's Update

Cora doesn't need to wear her orthotics any more which saves us a few minutes getting out the door. Her balance and movement have been good so she'll probably just need a little shoe insert but for now she doesn't need anything.

Her speech is coming right along! She'll finally repeat the first letter/syllable of a word if I ask her to. Our latest homework example:
  • cuh - cup
  • buh - baby
  • puh - please
  • mmm - more
We still do sign language with her and after she signs we touch our throat and say, "Now say it with your voice, Cora. Say ju. Ju. Ju for juice." It takes her a few times to get it but she eventually does. Which for her, is great progress! She also said her first prayer yesterday at dinner which was so cute. I say a sentence and she repeats it with a grunt, I'm sure Heavenly Father can interpret her grunts, right?

Her two allergy panels came back all negative for environmental allergies and the only food is milk. So until we can get the rash under control and her skin back to baseline, we can't reintroduce foods yet. Which I'm ok with, if her gut needs more time then I'm fine with that. She's been doing great lately and absolutely LOVES school. We're so blessed to have her!!!

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Christine said...

This makes me SO happy! She's moving right along.