Friday, June 10, 2016

Cora's Update

Cora had another swallow study last week which didn't show any aspirating OR penetration!!! Great news but we're not out of the woods yet. It's a bit risky for her to go from nectar thickness to regular water so we've reduced the thickness to half nectar. Her speech therapists are doing several exercises to get the back of her tongue and those corresponding muscles strengthened with a heightened awareness. I'm really excited for her. Although we're not off the thickener completely, she's still making progress. I couldn't ask for anything more.

I also had a meeting with her Family Resource Coordinator (Carol) and the school district to talk about her transitioning from the Guild School in the fall. Her scores for speech were quite low so she qualified for that. The OT scores were .1 point below for qualification, and I can't remember where she scored with social or PT. She needs to have two areas that are two standard deviations lower than average to qualify for the school district's special education preschool. We meet with them again at the elementary school at the end of September to be retested for all areas and get a more accurate reading of where she's at overall. If she doesn't qualify then we'll continue to find speech, OT, PT, social, and cognitive therapies through a private practice.

Her rash is looking a lot better and very minimal so for the past two weeks I've been giving her bits of gluten here and there. Mostly just snacks - regular pretzels, regular graham crackers, waffles or pancakes, etc. So far I think she's tolerating it well but I'll keep it at a slow pace and eventually work up to regular breads and muffins, etc.

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