Saturday, June 18, 2016


I'm sure I've blogged about these friends before, but these are the five of us (Jean was in the other room) who met and were all in the same ward. We each were born the same year, married the same year, and had baby girls the same year. Left to right is Chris with Sydney, me and Cora, Julie and Maraea, and Liz and Audrey.

Chris and Jean now live in the valley, Julie lives on the South Hill, Liz lives in Mead (10 minute drive), and I only moved a mile so I'm the only one who stayed in the ward. During the season we got together every week to watch the latest Downton Abby episode and indulged in all sorts of yummy food. We still get together about once a month for girls nights, or to browse Burlington, or to get ice cream. There are 11 kids between the five of us and I love the fact that we still make it a priority to spend time together despite the 30 minute drive it takes us to get to each other's houses. Our activities are usually planned around the kids, being that we are all stay at home moms, and there's always delicious food. We always surround ourselves with food. I sure love them, we have such fun together!!!

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