Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fun on Wheels

When the weather warms up we usually ride bikes or walk down to the high school so the kids can ride around in the spacious parking lot. We finally found a helmet small enough (although it's still quite big on him) for Kimball and Cora. When it came in the mail, Kimball wore his helmet everywhere that day; speech, Cora's school, pharmacy, grocery store, etc. He loves it and it's been fun teaching him about safety.
This particular day I asked Kimball to go potty before we walked to the high school to which he refused multiple times. Of course, 10 minutes after riding his bike he had to go potty. The high school was locked and I told him he had to wait until we got home. He said, "But Mom, I can just go on that tree over there." So we had a discussion about what "public" means why we can't just pee on any tree that we see. I allowed it this time and acted like I didn't know whose kid that was across the parking lot.

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