Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cora's Summer Break

The last two weeks Cora's had therapy off for summer break since the school is open year round. I decided to plan one thing every day that we don't normally do to make it a fun, extraordinary break. We went on a hike, went swimming as a family, went to a minor league baseball game, took family pictures, and had a few doctor appointments thrown into the mix as well.

I had planned to go to Mobius, Riverfront Park, Green Bluff, the Jumping House, etc. but next week Christine is coming to visit and I wanted to save some adventures for when she's here too.

We had such a great time and I loved doing things that weren't normal for us, something other than a park or picnic. 90% of the touristy things there are to do here in Spokane are all outdoor: hiking, snowboarding, skiing, camping, mountain biking, fishing, boating, etc. and I haven't done much of that at all. I hope next year to go on more hikes with the kids, I really enjoyed doing it. At this particular one we saw snakes, rabbits, turtles, ducks, and waterfalls.


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