Tuesday, September 6, 2016

More Projects

These are a few more projects I've been working on for the kids' dress up stuff for Christmas and for Cora's birthday. These aprons aren't very girly or manly but it's the best that the dollar store had and they'll work out perfectly.

I made these two skirts with scrap material, the house/tree one is from my dining room chairs, and the pink silk is left from the capes. The pink one has a sparkly tulle overlay and both of those fabrics were hard to sew together, I'm never doing that again. But it's nice to make something with supplies already on hand. I really liked the tutorial I used, it's super easy and takes about 15 minutes.

I also bought some blush and eye shadow at the dollar store, emptied out the powdered colors, and poured fingernail polish into the compacts for play make up. And then of course I had to make her a few dress up bracelets.

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Melea said...

I love how you made play makeup! I'll have to remember that if I ever have a girl.