Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Cora's Update

Cora has finally decided to talk!!!!!!! I cannot put enough exclamation points behind that statement, our lack of communication is VERY frustrating! Her and I only know a handful of signs and when signing isn't adequate and the "show me" isn't working, she gets frustrated and whines or drops to the floor and throws a major fit. I'm sure in her eyes that I do the same, haha.

The words she does say she uses them consistently and in the correct context every time. She also will say them on command. It's SO lovely!!! We still use sign language and I make her attempt to speak words that she doesn't know but she's picking up two or three new words every day. Right now she's up to about 20 words!!! My favorite is the way she says Daddy, it's so dainty and cute and melts my heart every time.

Just one more thing that she's defying the odds on and proving that miracles happen. She's a living testament everyday and I'm so grateful that she's mine.

Cora saw the allergist who was thrilled to hear of a successful reintroduction of wheat into her diet. I especially am grateful for that! Although eggs cooked by themselves like scrambled or fried she's still intolerant to, I can bake with eggs and milk. I still can't cook with sour cream or cheese or milk but I can bake with it. The difference is that baking changes the protein differently than cooking, it also has to do with temperature. But, I am so thrilled that she can eat wheat and I can bake usual stuff. No change in the beef so we still avoid that. And she's still drinking the Elecare formula ("medical food" as it's called on the label) and thickened liquids due to aspirating.

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Bonnie and Kempton Cox said...

So exciting!!!! It's awesome to see all of the therapy and hard work paying off!