Wednesday, March 29, 2017

As of Lately

Lance has been making preparations for the business to start up in Seattle and it sounds like the call volume won't be as high as he initially anticipated. Which he's ok with, he doesn't want to be completely slammed with calls and not have enough staff or equipment to handle them. March has slowed down a bit which has been nice for everyone since January and February were extremely busy but in all we're very grateful that the business is doing well and especially that we have a job! He received two new callings, one as a councilor in the stake sunday school presidency and one as a "permanent substitute" sunday school teacher for the ward.

I have been.....hanging in there for lack of better words. Enduring a pregnancy is certainly one of my biggest trials because it's so hard on my body and therefore hard on me mentally as well. We're anxious to meet the baby but not as anxious as I am to not be pregnant any more, haha. I certainly love kids and babies and want them but getting them here is SO HARD for me to do. I've made my peace and accepted the fact that I have to limit the size of my family based on this, after all I do have three children who need a mother. The third trimester difficulties of pain and discomfort hit unusually early this time around. I've tried everything from epsom salt baths to chiropractor visits etc. to relieve the pain but nothing helps. Some days are awful and I just cry all day because it hurts so much while other days are bearable, it's odd how it varies. And no matter how much begging I've done, the doctor won't take the baby before 39 weeks so my c-section is scheduled for May 9 and that day can't come soon enough! I've currently got 6 weeks left.

Kimball enjoys preschool and randomly comes up with facts that I don't know where he learned them from. "Hey mom, did you know that a woodpecker pecks holes to find a home?" "Hey mom, did you know that our bodies are made of skeletons and that we have little tiny bones in our fingers and the bone right here in your head is called a skull?" He's an AWESOME big brother to Cora and talks about the baby nonstop. As a matter of fact, he's become a nonstop talker pretty much from sun up to sun down and I don't know where he comes up with half the stuff he talks about. He's obsessed with all things monster trucks ever since he saw their show, he can't wait to meet the baby, and he's really anxious to see all of his cousins at the reunions this year. This past week he learned to ride a two-wheeled bike without training wheels which he picked up extremely fast (we didn't have to help him at all).

Cora has started feeding therapy to help her get off the thickener. She does a thing called Vital Stem (I think that's what it's called) where they stick electrodes on her neck to contract the muscles in her throat. This is supposed to strengthen her swallow among other things so she'll stop aspirating. This past week she had speech and PT evaluations and will start both of those as well next week. So now that she has three different therapies I'm going to pull her out of preschool because doing all of it is just too much for her and me. I'm excited to have her home more! She's Kimball's little shadow and echo in every way and sometimes it's easy for me to forget that she's only three and not five years old but those two certainly are inseparable. And she loves anything PINK!!!

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