Wednesday, March 29, 2017

San Diego Man Trip

Last month Lance had to go all the way to San Diego on a call and suggested that he bring Kimball with him, drop him off at Grandma's house which was half way, while he finished the trip to nearly the Mexico border. January and February were VERY, VERY busy months for work - record call volume in January and A LOT of out of town calls. I was really tired of Lance being gone and having to do everything by myself, not to mention the fact that I had a monstrous cold for the duration of both months. It wasn't a fun time. So the idea of just Cora and I at home seemed lovely! 

It was eerily quiet without the boys but I found Cora to be quite the chatterbox when Kimball doesn't do the talking for her. I was surprised at how much I missed Kimball, after the second day I was ready for him to be home. But he loved the 5 day trip! He spent the first two nights with Grandma Julie which was a bonus because Christine happened to be visiting Twin Falls as well so Kimball got to play with her boys. Then the next two nights he spent with Grandma Cox.

Cora and I painted nails, did art projects, went to the dollar store to pick out a special toy just for her (I can't wait until she can have milk so we can go for ice cream cones!), and church was quiet with just the two of us. She really missed Kimball and slept in his bed every night.

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