Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Random Photos

Kimball has been a pill at dinner time lately, refusing anything but macaroni and cheese. I'll make a delicious dinner with beef and cheese and he'll whine for a good hour. He refuses any vegetables and when I make him eat the food he'll store it in his cheeks for at least an hour. This kid doesn't like pizza or spaghetti but he loves meatloaf and salad, it's weird. I finally decided to quit the whiny battles every single night and let him choose between dinner or a chore. Nine times out of ten he chooses a chore and on this night he had to vacuum the whole house. At least my house will get clean, right?
 Their new favorite play place.
 Christine sent us a care package full of love notes for Valentine's Day, goodies, and outfits for all the kids including the baby. It was the best!

 Our potty training efforts haven't been very successful but she sure is a doll in underwear!

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