Sunday, April 30, 2017

Spring Break

Nobody was more excited for spring break this year than me, I was SO looking forward to no preschool or therapy for a whole week! Sometimes it feels nice to just stay home.

The kids wanted to sleep in their sleeping bags on the floor and actually did quite well for the first three nights.
For some reason we had a bunch of boxes all at once so we made little houses, even ones for the stuffed animals to live in.
 On this day we made caterpillars out of clothes pins and pom poms.
This day we went to the Museum of Art and Culture, which we didn't even know existed! The exhibit was all about woolly mammoths and a few other animals from the Ice Age and Kimball was really disappointed he didn't get to see Sid, haha. After that we ate Frank's Diner which is an old rail car that was restored and turned into a restaurant. It was SO nice to spend this day together as a family!!

We had a play date with our old friends whom we hadn't seen for a few months. These are the girls all born in 2013, Chris had to get a picture of course.
Kimball and Lance took a little man trip to a bike swap. Kimball absolutely couldn't wait because Daddy promised him they could ride bikes together on the real road verses just the driveway but now they can since Dad found a bike to ride. If only it would stop raining long enough to ride......Next to the bike swap was a little car show that they were also able to go to.

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