Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tacoma or Bust

This past week started a bit nerve racking as I anticipated Lance being gone to Tacoma for 5 days for work. I was too afraid I'd go into labor or something would happen and I'd have this baby without him. I'm sure most 38 week pregnant women would be a bit upset with their husbands for planning a trip so close to a due date but I knew he needed to make this trip and Heavenly Father watched over us and we survived without incident. Here are a few pictures of our activities while he was away.

Lance's trip was a complete success! He's been aiming to expand the business into the Seattle area, there's a third party removal company that all of the funeral homes use and they're huge doing about 600 calls a month, and nobody likes them. So Lance thought it was a good opportunity to see what business he could drum up and is shooting for a start date of May 1, which is tomorrow. The location changed to Tacoma, about 40 minutes south of Seattle, because there was a much greater interest there rather than be centered in Seattle and being stuck in traffic. He has an employee here that wanted to move to the Tacoma area to be a bit closer to family, so last week he moved and is going to be the manager for us.

In preparation for the week Lance bought a van for Tacoma and set up meetings with 9 funeral homes; the SCI care center in Seattle (22 funeral homes), SCI care center in Puyallup, and I believe the rest are in Puyallup and Tacoma. Daniel and Lance spent 3 days meeting with the funeral homes and every single one of them are on board and ready to use Lance. The funeral homes all hate this third party removal company so much that Lance didn't even have to do a sales pitch, they all asked when they can start using him. He wasn't expecting things to go that well so he bought another van and then found some employees before coming back home.

It was all such a whirlwind, I think Lance is still trying to figure out what just happened. He's worried and stressed and is making such a big gamble with this one but I know the Lord will guide him and we're crossing our fingers this will work out!

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