Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aunt Carolyn

Johnny's sister passed away and her grave side service last week was lovely. She was a very witty, practical woman and I loved her dearly. I loved her last moments in the hospital when she made the doctor get the giggles when he asked her if she'd had a bowel movement and she replied, "Oh just a few sparks." And while everyone thought she was sleeping, out of nowhere she'd answer the jeopardy questions coming from her hospital tv. Or when she told Cathy she couldn't see who all was in the room. Cathy, assuming she was starting to lose her sight, started rattling off names of visitors in her room. Aunt Carolyn said, "Well I could see them if you'd just move." She was buried between her parents in her robe and I'm glad John got to spend her last few days with her. Those two were very close. I'm so glad she's been released from her body that was holding her captive and miserable and I can only imagine how great her reunion must've been with her parents and brothers.

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