Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exercising, Painting, and Gums

I got a hat for Kimball and last week we started walking. It's nice to be outdoors breathing sunny, fresh air and I always feel so good when I exercise. I refuse to weigh myself because the last two times I did, I was disappointed and wanted to give up. I think I'll wait to weigh in until I can feel a difference in my clothes. Lance and I have both done quite well on our diets. If you want to call it a diet, I'm making simple foods with fresh fruits and vegetables and we both just feel better all around. It's been nice.

I've been working on the house touching up the paint in the downstairs bathroom. That room is almost done. The office is next.

Kimball has been teething which isn't very fun for him. I still don't know 100% that he's teething because I don't see any teeth yet but I know it takes a while for them to break through. He's typically a mild and happy baby but a few times this week he'll scream and scream like he's in pain. So I've been using some Tei Fu since Heather and Trish both swear by it and within a minute Kimball calms right down. He's also down to just two naps a day and has been sleeping through the night. Lance has said a few times that he doesn't want Kimball to get teeth because he knows that means Kimball is growing up. I agree, I love his gummy smile! He's just so sweet, we can't imagine life without him!

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