Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I Learned About Kimball

I finally got a suit for Kimball to wear to church and after months of searching all I found were suits size 12mo+ and about $50. Thanks to Bonnie, she found infant sizes for $15 at Burlington, thanks Bonnie! I was so excited to dress him in it with his uber cute polka dot tie and vest.

Little did I know, I learned that Kimball has Lance's double chin and no neck. So I could not do up his top button on the dress shirt nor could he wear a tie. I tried. I tried really hard, I even tilted his head all the way back so I could attempt to button it up. Nope. It's impossible. But he's so handsome even without the tie.
This is his Easter loot. Not much, he got a container of puffs for the future, package of spoons, package of fast-flow nipples, and some bath toys. I'm a practical gift giver. He doesn't really need toys or clothes and since he's working on solid foods, he gets spoons and puffs.

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