Monday, May 25, 2015

Random Photos

This was Cora's swing last week at PT, it's actually quite tricky keeping your balance on it so it gave her a pretty good workout.
One evening a few days ago I was working out in the flower beds and as I finished up I went inside to take my gloves and boots off. I washed my hands and came out to check on the kids. I found them covered in mud! Kimball had quite the time getting Cora all muddy which I wouldn't normally bat an eye at, mud washes off. But she had all kinds of pebbles and dirt around her gtube so I was afraid of it getting infected. I couldn't get mad though, they were having such a good time!

  Water day with some friends! We had four families come play with us.



New swim suit that I found at the thrift store, she sure loves shoes and clothes!

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Christine said...

Such cute kids Becky, love all the pictures!