Monday, May 25, 2015

Surgery and Mom's Visit

Mom flew in to visit us and help out with Kimball while I took Cora to her surgery. She only stayed Thursday through Monday so I packed as much shopping into there as I could. Thursday we went to the downtown mall, Saturday we went to the valley mall, and Monday we went to the north town mall. Mom spoiled me and I don't even deserve it. I'm sure she did it out of love and no matter the reason, I'm so grateful! It was WONDERFUL to have some girl time doing things that I love! Shopping, eating, talking. That's all I needed. I loved having her here and am so thankful she made the sacrifice to come. Unfortunately, I didn't get a single picture of her! My mom is the best. Period.
Friday was Cora's tear duct probe surgery, upper GI scope, and partial colonoscopy. The surgery went well and took about 5 minutes. The scope also went well and I thought for sure they'd find 3-4 problems since Cora has been refluxing a lot lately. They didn't find any bad news so now we wait to see what the biopsies show.

I really don't like the whole process of waiting and getting ready for the anesthesia. Cora had to be there 1.5 hours early to do her vitals and go over her medical chart. She was starving because she had to fast, she was tired, and so restless. She just cried the whole time and I couldn't do anything to console her. Before they took her back they gave her Versed to calm her down and I really hate that stuff! It might work to calm her down but when she was waking up from the anesthesia, she was so feisty! She was throwing herself from side to side, tossing and rolling, she was a little spit fire that's for sure. She instantly drank about 9 ounces of apple juice and was still so hungry but I had to wait for her body to process that before I could give her anymore to drink or eat. At least it's over and we have good news so far.
I'm not a fan of the pediatric surgery center because it tugs on my heart strings. It does put things into perspective and make me appreciate my own struggles. While we were checking in there was another Mom who was checking in her daughter. It was early at 6am and this mother was very pregnant, I'm assuming 8 or 9 months along. She looked tired and worn out and when she sat down I could see her child in the stroller. A beautiful girl about 4 years old with no hair. I knew she was there to get another round of treatment for her cancer and I just hugged my restless Cora even tighter.

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