Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cora's Update

I have not returned back to the regular seven appointments a week and I don't think I ever will. That was INSANE and I can't believe I kept that up for 18 months! So Cora and I do about one doctor appointment a week in addition to her four therapy appointments, it seems so much more manageable that way.

Recent test results
  • MRI of the brain - everything is normal and the two brain abnormalities are still there but unchanged, which is good
  • MRI of the spine - normal, no spina bifida or tethered cord
  • Blood tests - the first round was positive for Mitochondrial Disease but the second round and urine sample that tested for more specifics of the disease were negative for Mitochondrial Disease
  • OAE test - hearing test passed and ears were cleared, no tube surgery
  • Gtube - still on track to be removed at the end of summer-ish
Finally some good news!

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