Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kimball Says

Lance had a 15 minute lesson for part of the primary activity last week and he was talking about Jesus and the 2 loaves and 5 fishes story. He was supposed to bring a "memoir" for the kids to put in their burlap sacks so he brought some swedish fish. Kimball was really excited about those fish. On the way to the church:

Kimball: Daddy, what's the fish for?
Daddy: I'm taking it to the church for our primary activity.
Kimball: (Eye's quite wide) For me and Jesus?!

Lance was in CA for two days on a removal last weekend and wasn't able to make it to church. Lance usually takes Kimball to primary and bribes him to stay there by giving him gum. I knew Kimball would have a hard time staying in primary without Lance so I asked the primary president to take him to primary since I was teaching sunday school during the second hour. After church Kimball said the prayer over lunch:

Kimball: And Mom didn't give me any gum in church today. Amen! (Said with quite the disappointed and upset attitude. Talk about the ultimate tattle telling.)

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Christine said...

Oh my word, what a crack up! Can't wait for he and Zander to get together :)