Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Latest Tidbits

Lance has been quite busy at work which has been wonderful when you are self employed! The first two months of starting the business were a bit slow. The promise Caryn made to give him the business of the four funeral homes didn't happen so Lance was quite upset about that. He stewed and stewed but he knew he just needed to keep his cool and be patient, trusting in the Lord. At the beginning of June he finally got all of the calls for Neptune, exclusively, which means in the last 2-3 weeks he's had more than double the call volume of the previous months. What a blessing! He still doesn't have the calls, exclusively, for the four funeral homes but will do some every now and then. Today, he just gained the business of Hennesey which has two locations. His good reputation and strong work ethic is spreading to the little funeral homes in surrounding towns. Certain police officers and care givers are requesting and insisting on Lance doing the removals. It's such a great blessing and in the nic of time, things were certainly getting tight from the first 2-3 months! Lance works so hard, is honest and genuine, and definitely has a heart of gold. I'm so thankful for him!

I was in urgent care last week with bad abdominal pain and found out I have gastritis. Now I need to see a GI doctor and have an endoscopy done. I think it's probably brought on by stress but I'm glad that a dose of Prilosec will alleviate the pain and vomiting. The last few days I've had beastly headaches, like I almost went to the ER because it was SO bad. Part of it is my paranoia because we've heard of 3-4 young people diagnosed with cancer in the last month so I'm imagining the worst. When I go to the doctor I'll bring that up as well, I'm sure it's just my neck being out. I threw a baby shower for my friend Jean, it was so fun and she deserves it, this is her first baby and she's one of the most gracious people I know! I was released from my calling as Visiting Teaching Coordinator and put in as a sunday school teacher of the youth ages 15-18. I love this calling and I'm so glad to learn from the youth, we've got really good kids in our ward. I'm so eager to learn from them!

Kimball is definitely nearing the age of 4. His personality is starting to change a bit but he's still just the funniest kid I know. Man, his facial expressions leave me in stitches everyday! He loves playing with Cora and every morning he'll get toys out and climb in her crib and they'll play for a few hours together in there. It's so sweet!

Cora has been picking up sign language pretty well the last few weeks, she wants to know more but I don't know any more signs to teach her. I need to check a book out from the library. She's on track to remove the gtube any day but we'll probably wait until the end of summer. She's still not walking, she just can't seem to get over this physical therapy rut that she's been stuck in but one day she'll get there.

*****Next week we leave for vacation to Twin Falls! Lance will come home after the July 4th holiday weekend and the kids and I are staying for 3-4 weeks again. We are all very much looking forward to a break, getting to meet THREE new family members (Steph, Trish, & Christine's babies), having a change in routine, playing with cousins, etc. It'll be so awesome!!!

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