Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Car Troubles and Missing Daddy

Last week Lance actually got a removal to Twin Falls so he was happy to do that one. He left Monday late afternoon. Tuesday afternoon he made the drive back home only to make it as far as Mountain Home finding he had engine problems. The alternator was to blame and no mechanic garages were open as it was after hours. He continued driving hoping to make it to Boise to stay with Allison for the night. Which sort of happened......

He made it about three miles short of Allison's house and the van broke down, literally, right in front of my Aunt Linda's house! Lucky for him! Jack and Linda were on their way out but Sarah was there to help him. He got the van towed to a dealership and Allison picked up Lance for the night.

The next day, no news from the dealership.

The next day after that, Thursday, no news from the dealership so Lance had it towed to a different mechanic.

The hiccup is that he's officiating a funeral service in Spokane Friday morning, he's got to get home. So he bought a plane ticket to Spokane and came home that evening. Friday morning the mechanic called and the van was fixed and ready to go $750 later. Lance worked the funeral service and then boarded another plane back to Boise to stay with Allison Friday night.

It happened to be Johnny's 70th birthday that weekend and the whole family was surprising him on Saturday. Needless to say, the kids and I missed the surprise party and Lance drove the van back home to Spokane on Sunday. Lance vowed to never work with dealerships again and he didn't make any money on that removal, BUT he made it home safely and that's all that matters. Happy birthday, Johnny!!!

***Today, Lance went to the temple with the youth in our ward to help do a baptism session. I bathed and tucked the kids into bed and Kimball was convinced that Daddy was never coming back. He kept saying, "I miss Daddy" over and over and over and no matter how much I reassured and promised that Daddy would be back in a few hours, he still didn't believe me. The kids really miss their Daddy! I guess the back and forth so much over the last week really confused them and Daddy is always much more fun than mom.***

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