Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Washington Fires

The wildfires in Washington this year have been really bad, to the point that we couldn't go outside or have any air come into the house or car. You could see ash everywhere and it was like living in a permanent campground. The state authorities said the air quality hadn't been this bad since Mt. St. Helens erupted in the 80's. However, the fires make beautiful sunsets! My camera wouldn't focus because I was so zoomed in on the sun, but I kind of like this photo that way. There's no filter and the sun was just a wonderful magenta color.
The picture is from the news and is a shot of downtown Spokane. The top picture is a normal day and the bottom picture was one of the worst days during the wildfires. It was awful! The fires are still going but the Lord is mindful of His people and answered the prayers of the Spokane Stake who fasted for rain. The air is finally back to normal - almost.

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