Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Entering a New Decade - I Turned 30!!!

These are my beautiful birthday flowers from Lance. It was a pretty low key day, Lance was busy at work but I had a few hours to myself in the evening. My present from Lance is pretty awesome and he couldn't choose the best one so he let me pick between these four options:
  • $300 spending cash
  • Lasik eye surgery
  • A new iphone
  • A 24 hour getaway - hotel, massage, spending money - no kids, no husband
Of course I picked the last one because I can't imagine anything better right now than not having to get up with the kids, getting to sleep in, or getting to eat my own food while sitting down without sharing it with anybody. I have yet to redeem this gift but I'm making a list of things I'm going to accomplish by myself and Lance is currently trying to work out the on-call schedule so he can be with the kids for 24 hours. YAY FOR ME, thanks Lance!!!!!

(When I asked Lance where he's getting the money to pay for any one of these, he apparently sold the smart car which I didn't know). 

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Christine said...

Ok, I'm really impressed with lance. Those were all great choices to choose from. I'd probably choose the last one too!