Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cora Update

Cora had an appointment with her dietitian on Monday. She's gained 1.5 pounds in a month since having the Gtube removed. Excellent! We are starting to reduce the caloric density of her milk, she's been on 40 calories since the whole food allergy ordeal in the spring. We'll see in the next six weeks if she continues to gain on her own.

She's had her orthotics for two weeks now and I've already seen a big difference. She still prefers to scoot or crawl but whenever I see her on the ground I always tell her, "Cora, stand up" and she immediately gets up and walks. This week she does that more on her own which is nice. I did have a few concerns about the orthotics wearing her ankles raw and the back of her leg so we went back and after remeasuring, they're going to make a new pair but slightly bigger. Oh, and out of curiosity even though insurance covered the orthotics, I asked the receptionist how much those little things cost. I was assuming $2-500. Those buggers cost $1500!!! I was quite surprised, I didn't think they'd be nearly that much.

The next few months we have ophthalmology and neurology follow up appointments. It has been so nice that the doctor appointments have finally slowed down a bit!!! I almost don't know what to do with all the extra time, but it has been so nice, especially for my nerves.

She started her new group therapy class at school and I'm so glad she gets the extra social interaction since she's such a social butterfly. There are about five other kids in her class and she absolutely loves it!

Overall she's been doing really well and it's been several months since we've had any complications arise. I'd like to keep it that way. She's developing quite the personality thanks to Kimball teaching her a lot of funny faces. She's such a darling little girl!!

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