Thursday, July 21, 2016

Latest Happenings

I'm new to the whole raspberry business and my bushes have quit bearing fruit. This was my first year making jam and I made about 35 pints! Doesn't it look so pretty? I made about two batches every week and I'm curious to see if they'll start growing berries again toward the end of summer.
 Riding bikes and scooters at the school
 My kids have THE BEST father EVER!!!
When the kids and I got home from Boise, Daddy surprised them (and me) with this trampoline. They have been in heaven!

 Cora's complete terror and fear of the car wash.
 The face of a winner! I taught Kimball how to play Uno and he's pretty darn good.
 Afternoon BBQ with friends
Cora started a new therapy-pool therapy. This was the first day, she wouldn't even take her shoes off nonetheless get in the water. But toward the end of the session she was about waist deep and now she LOVES it!

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Christine said...

I love you and your family, Becky!!!! And miss you too!