Thursday, July 21, 2016

Quality Time With Mom & Christine

After the reunion Mom, Christine, and I stayed in Boise for 3 extra days to spend a little more time together. We all stayed at Debra's house and unfortunately, half of us ended up with the stomach flu. I got it really bad and it pushed our plans back a day so that I could recuperate. Mom and her siblings were asked to be with Grandma for the day that Grandpa was in Seattle with his heart surgery, so she missed going to the zoo with Christine and I.

Cora loved the monkies the most, Zander and Kimball got their faces painted and rode the merry-go-round, and after a long two hours at the zoo we finished it off with lunch and rock candy. The kids shared half of their lunch with the birds and ducks near by.


The next day we shopped at Gordman's where Christine and I both made a good haul from. I miss Mom and Christine so much and was SOOOO thankful I got sick at Debra's and not on the road back home. They helped me take care of the kids and let me nap and shower and rest as I needed. I'm so thankful for them!! Our kids have the best grandma! How many grandma's do you know will sit in the sand box?!

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