Thursday, July 21, 2016

Watson Reunion 2016

The Watson reunion was held in Boise to stay close enough for Grandma and Grandpa to attend as much as they could. Grandpa has always aged very graciously, if at all, and for the first time I'd saying he's looking a bit old and tired. Grandma looks good and has taken up a wheelchair because of pain in her tailbone. Since the last reunion we were missing Jordan who passed away and it was nice to recognize him and his family. It was so nice to see everyone! We've been blessed with such wonderful family and ancestors who've paved the way in the gospel. What debt we owe them and I hope that as I try to live my life obedient and faithful to the commandments and covenants that I've made, that all the sacrifices they have made will have been worth it. I believe the numbers are: 36 grand kids, 118 great grand kids, and 1 great, great grandchild.

We usually left the house at 7:45 am and didn't get home until 10pm with no naps. The kids were SO tired!

 Sunday afternoon Grandpa and Grandma both gave a devotional about Being Strong (theme).

As soon as Grandma stood to speak to us all, little 18 month old Austin ran up and gave her a big hug. It was so sweet and made me cry. It's nice to see all the great grand kids so close with Grandma and Grandpa and to appreciate their legacy.

At the end of the devotional, Grandpa asked for a priesthood blessing and invited all worthy melchizedek priesthood holders into the circle. Joseph anointed while Jared blessed him. It was a moment that I wish those who couldn't make it to the reunion could witness, it was such a humbling and spiritual sight.

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