Tuesday, November 22, 2016

An Emotional and Exciting Birthday Celebration

Yesterday Cora turned 3 years old!!! With that, she also graduated from the Guild School. It was a very emotional day for me, again, remembering everything we've been through the last 3 years together. And look at her! She's absolutely amazing and we've been so incredibly blessed!!!

She was able to bring cupcakes to share with her class and have a little party with her classmates.

This is her current team: Alyssa-speech therapist, Lois-teacher, Dan-occupational therapist, Rebekah-teacher, and Ginette-physical therapist. Ginette is the only one who has been working with Cora for all 3 years and I knew she understood better than anyone what a momentous occasion it was because she's seen first hand how far Cora has come. Ginette will always have a place in my heart.
Saying a final good bye to the fish.
And our own little birthday party! All Cora wanted was cake, she kept saying cake over and over all day long.

She got a baby from Grandma Cox and some dollhouse furniture from Grandma Pettingill. I made her some dress up skirts and no-mess make up and bracelets, and got some underwear (time to potty train now that she can say poo and pee), and piggy bank. She loves the dress up shoes and Kimball had a great time pretending with her!

This. This picture sums up pretty well the last three years I've had with this amazing girl. With 2 heart defects, 2 brain abnormalities, and 7 gastric problems, we were told she'd basically be a vegetable that won't walk or talk or eat on her own. She started therapies at the Guild School at 3 months old and today we said a very tearful goodbye as she graduated. I never thought the day would come and hoped we'd never have to leave behind these amazing teachers and therapists. After 3 years and 5 therapies later (2 of which she'll continue), she's our walking, talking, eating miracle who defied the odds and proved doctors wrong. 

I've learned patience and faith in a loving Heavenly Father. I've gained a deeper testimony of the resurrection. I've received unconditional love from a perfect spirit given a broken body, and although one might complain that her physical self isn't "normal" I'm just grateful that she was given a body, no matter how frail and broken and imperfect. Her love is certainly perfect for me.

I've gained a greater insight into the medical world (I should have an M.D. by now), both awed and at times quite let down. I've learned to talk tough and keep my guns up talking with doctors so that they actually listen to parents and when they do listen, that I'll have a friend for life. I'm humbled by what our bodies can do and know that nothing can create something so majestic as the Creator himself. (Even though I sit here and grow another little body inside me and complain 24/7 at how awful it is).

My darling Cora, what an emotional and joyful day it's been to celebrate this awesome milestone and simply that you're still here with us when during your first year, we guessed that every day. You're our ray of hope and a constant reminder of our eternal promises. Happy 3rd birthday my sweet, sweet girl!!!

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