Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This Has to End Sometime...Right?

I seriously don't' know what I'd do without this picc line!! It has kept me from losing any more weight and keeps the vomiting at bay. The nausea is still quite extreme and nothing helps that at all. Some days are somewhat decent and others are downright awful, I have no clue what makes the difference. A few safe foods are waffles with butter, captain crunch, baked potato with butter, and milk. Milk is the surprising one and I hope I never throw it up because it has some protein in it and it would just be awful coming up.

I still hate every aspect of being pregnant. Every. Single. Thing. I'm 12 weeks and have an OB appointment tomorrow, I don't know if they're doing an ultrasound but I'm always worried about the baby's health. With it being so hard to keep things down and eat nutritious foods and with me feeling utterly miserable, I can't imagine the baby being very healthy. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Oh and I chipped a piece of a molar off. Just great! So tomorrow I'm headed to the dentist just to throw up all over their shoes because I'm sure their instruments and poking around in my mouth will make me throw up. So not looking forward to that! But it's happened every pregnancy - all the acid from throwing up destroys my teeth and I always have one chip or break.

I know when all this is over and my body is back to normal and healthy, I'll look back and be so glad I didn't give up. So I still take it day by day and sometimes hour by hour.

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