Monday, January 9, 2017

2016 Summed Up

  • Dad was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy; Joseph broke his neck
  • Cora's tear duct tubes were removed but surgery wasn't successful; Cora's food allergies were negative for wheat, egg, and beef; Cora no longer needs her orthotics
  • Made a surprise trip to Twin Falls to visit mom, dad, and Christine; Lance and I went to Las Vegas without kids for four days
  • One year anniversary of self employment and the lights are still on
  • Lance and Kimball went on a man trip to Twin Falls
  • Attended Marty Meyers' funeral
  • Went to the Watson reunion and spent a few extra days with Mom and Christine in Boise
  • Lots of swimming and fun in the sun
  • My first year making homemade jam with my own raspberries
  • First camping trip with the kids - Kimball was attacked and bitten by a dog and Cora nearly strangled herself with floss 
  • Cora decided to talk
  • Christine, Mom, and Dad came to visit us in Spokane 
  • Baby #3 is on HIS way
  • Kimball started preschool
  • Kimball graduated from speech therapy
  • Cora graduated from the Guild School

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