Monday, January 9, 2017

Christmas Festivities

 The kids and I made jingle bell sticks.
Mom sent down this plastic makeup container - it was mine as a little girl and I can't believe mom kept it all these years. Needless to say, Cora loves it and all of her play makeup.
 Making gingerbread cookies with Dad.
 We've had a lot of snow!

 I even took the kids on the sleigh as I ran up and down the street pulling them.

 The Christmas Eve sing along, and the kids had their jingle bell sticks going in rhythm with Dad's ukulele.

These are the kid's new pajamas and their super hero mask and cape I made for them.
This is probably my favorite keepsake - Cora's class did homemade snow globes for all the parents, aren't they cute?!
We had a lovely Christmas together and it was so fitting that Christmas was on sunday, I loved going to church. We are so thankful for our families and miss them terribly especially during the holidays but I love my little family and all the memories we make!!

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