Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

For Memorial weekend Lance was on call Friday through Monday which means he stayed home and worked while Kimball and I went camping with my family. We went to Elba and stayed on Grandpa Pettingill's property at the cabin. I say "cabin" loosely because I was picturing a one bedroom log house. No, it was a fully furnished 3 bed, 2 bath house complete with soft and ro water. These are pictures of our trip.

Charity is quite creative and came prepared with her own games and prizes to play with all of the cousins.

 Needless to say, they loved her creative ideas.

Friday and Saturday were cold and wet so everybody spent most of the time in the cabin.

Sally, Karen, Wade, Vernae, James, and Grandpa Pettingill came for a short spell Saturday afternoon. It was nice to see them all!

 Pretty sure Karen was telling a story here but I love how I captured her right in the middle of it.
 Grandpa's a charmer with the kids.

It was really muddy from all the rain and hail so we had quite the pile of shoes by the back door.
 Saturday afternoon we caught a break from the rain so we put the four wheelers to work and cleaned up the property a bit.

 This is Brad's hair after we were working. Had to get a picture of his nest.
Sunday after church we went on a history tour through the City of Rocks. Yeah, it was muddy and frigidly cold. After church at 1:30 it was 42 degrees.
  In early evening the kids played more games.

And took naps.
 Kimball and I all ready for church.

Little four week old baby Jaidin even came.

Kimball was all smiles all the time.....when is he not?

  Grandpa Pettingill had a rock pile in the back that was yet to be spread, the kids loved playing on it.

Itty bitty Britney

 See? Always smiling.

 The girls played dress up

 And Britney loved giving kisses to Kimball

Lots of dirt and mud = bath time

Monday we finally got a rest from the rain and spent the day playing. Lots of four wheeling up the mountain, horse back riding, swimming at the hot springs, playing in mud puddles, and discovering the little things on the property. Tyson instantly became good friends with this stink bug.

Charity made "soup" from dirt, rocks, and wild flowers.


 Kimball loved riding Libby.

So sorry to Scott, Heidi, Adam, Lynette, and Lance who couldn't make it. Make sure you come next year!

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Christine said...

I love our family:) Even though it rained all weekend We sure had a great time. I say we make that a tradition every year!