Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Sweet Woman

Grandma Pettingill passed away this morning and thankfully I was able to go yesterday morning to see her. She was sleeping although quite restlessly and I didn't get to stay long because Kimball was a little fussy. I just stroked her hair and held her hand and told her how much I loved her and kissed her cheek. Then I pictured the reunion of her and Alene, Grandma's daughter that passed away at 18 months old. It's been a long 50 years without her baby girl and I can only imagine how happy those two are now that they are together again. When Lance was called out to the care center he said Grandpa was emotional and kept saying over and over how much he was praying that she would go. It makes me sad but I know that she's no longer held captive in her body. She's no longer a victim of Alzheimer's, her pain, and her recent internal bleeding. I'm glad that she's with her baby girl and her parents. I love you so much Grandma!

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