Monday, September 10, 2012


  • This week I've had lots of really bad headaches and haven't seen a whole lot of relief yet. They've definitely subsided quite a bit pain-wise but they're still there. Last night Lance said he was starting to get a head cold and woke up with the same really bad headache I had. But mine wasn't a head cold, I'm not sure what it was. At least right now they're bearable and are nearly gone. I think Lance has just been too busy. This weekend he has been on call working four services on Saturday and got two more calls. I wonder if he just got too worn out that his body made him take a break.
  • I finally started to paint the trim in the house. The main floor bathroom was completely repainted a few months ago so I've started on the kitchen. I got the trim nearly finished, I'll hopefully check that room off my list tomorrow. I'm still amazed at what a fresh coat of paint does to a room, it completely transforms it.
  • I can definitely tell a new season is upon us. The nights are getting darker earlier, the evenings are cooling down, we're able to give our window units a little break, the mornings are fresh and crisp, and school is back in. I'm reluctant for fall to arrive because that means my preemie baby is ONE YEAR OLD!!! That can't be, he's growing up too fast!! 
  • I love that Kimball is starting to like cuddling, I love cuddling him after he wakes up from a nap. All that warm, soft baby skin who for just a small moment will hold still for his mama. He never, ever holds still any more. Although he also now loves reading books with us and will sit still through about four of them. I love this time and wonder what his imagination is dreaming of as he looks at the pages and feels the pictures.
  • More often Kimball gets that Pettingill look. I sort of captured it in this picture because he wasn't very thrilled that I put him in his high chair while I painted. A toolbox is just too much fun for him but since I was painting instead of watching him at every second, I didn't want him to poke an eye out with a screw driver or cut himself with the utility knife or stick a drill bit in his mouth. So I gave him a roll of teflon tape and this uber awesome glass door knob that I found at a yard sale for $5.

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