Sunday, September 2, 2012


This weekend Mom, Trish, Jaidin, Kimball, and I headed down to Christine's for a few days. The main purpose was to go to Swiss Days and to sew Christine's curtains for the basement. We didn't even come close to starting on those. 

Turns out Swiss days is pretty awesome but pretty crowded. It's a two day event in Midway, UT, I have no idea how it started or why it's called Swiss Days, but it's a woman's paradise. They have a few buildings filled with all sorts of home decor and furniture, I would call it a mix between Real Deals and Rod Works. It's so crowded that there are no strollers allowed in the building because it's wall-to-wall people. Not my favorite kind of environment but it was worth it. In the middle of the whole area was a huge pavilion with Swiss yodelers and singers which was also the area food. I had to take a video of the yodeler and send it to Lance, the yodeler was pretty good.

A little way from the buildings across from the lines and lines of port o potties, are rows and rows of tents filled with all kinds of homemade goodness. They had everything from crocheted hats to reupholstered furniture to wooden rubber band guns to quilts to jewelry to original painted art to stained glass windows. My favorites were: #1 these two sisters painted art for children's rooms that were so colorful and absolutely amazing. The smallest canvas was $60 and if I had money set aside for it, I would definitely buy one. My favorites were a a pirate scene and another was a robot. So stinking cute! #2 crocheted hats for little kids. I love the sock monkey hat but they also had football, frogs, owls, etc. So cute! They were $30 a piece. 

Would I go again to Swiss Days? Yes! I'd go there earlier in the morning to hopefully try to avoid the swarms of people, I'd prefer to go without a baby or stroller but Kimball was amazingly good anyway. I wish they would make a week out of it instead of two days because it was so crowded but it was still pretty awesome with the crowds. 

On the way back home we stopped at the outlet mall in Park City. The next day we shopped pretty much everywhere: the DI, the mall, Ross, Ann Taylor, etc. etc. It was such a great weekend and unfortunately the only pictures I took were with my phone to send to Lance so this is how I'll pictorially show what we did, basically just shopping.

Kimball loved playing in the three way mirrors at Ann Taylor.

This was at the DI. Kimball was so funny, when he got in the cart he thought he was such a big boy! I think he was just happy to be out of his car seat. A side note, the best DI in my opinion is the one in Layton. They have all the goods.
 During the car ride home both babies fell fast sleep.
 And when they woke up, I played a game with them and got them both laughing pretty good.
Thanks Christine, until next time!!

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