Friday, September 14, 2012


  • I think Kimball and I are getting sick.  Hopefully it's not the same thing Lance has but I was up five times with Kimball last night. And then when I did get to sleep, Lance got a call so I was up again at that time. Oh dear. I hope I get a nap today. I'm debating if I should cancel the weekend......craft day in Boise tomorrow and survivor party in the evening with friends. And I was so looking forward to both of them. Also, I need to go to Costco for various things. Hmmmm, maybe I can get mom or someone to go for me. I want to get diapers and wipes while they're on sale.
  • As I've been in the process of trying to accept my post baby body, somehow in the last few weeks I've gained another five pounds. I'm almost up to the peak weight of my pregnancy, yikes! How does that happen? I need a personal trainer, does someone want to help me? For free? I can't afford you but I promise I'll do what you ask as long as it doesn't get in the way of caring for Kimball. I can't lift weights or go running if he needs fed or a diaper change. The weird thing is that although I have indulged in my sprinkled ice cream, I watch how much I eat and have healthy snacks such as almonds or other nuts.........sigh........I just don't know what to do...........advice? Thoughts? I'd love to have the toned body of Kelly Rippa. I think she looks great, I'd kill for her arms. Tawni, what say ye? What's your advice for me?

  • I finished painting the trim in the kitchen and it looks so much better! The first day I worked on it, Lance knew I was painting and didn't want my efforts to go unnoticed so when he got home from work he paused to look around for a second in the kitchen. Then he walked to bathroom and looked around and said, "Wow, this room looks great, you can tell a big difference!" Thanks Lance and thanks for trying your best to support my work but I finished painting the bathroom months ago, you're in the wrong room, lol. It was funny. Now, onto the living rooms and office on the main floor.
  • The main floor bathroom that I painted a few weeks ago had paint all over the floor. I didn't how to get it off and I had been putting it off for months. That is, until yesterday I finally got it done, yay!
  • With the fall season beginning, it's time for Lance and I throw our annual halloween party. We are starting to plan everything out and we can't wait for the holiday! What, you don't mock the dead? Come on out to our house on October 27 in full costume, it will be a blast and we're excited to use our full house. Various people have come to our house to see it for the first time and one of the first things they say is, "Your stairs are like a haunted house, it's creepy!" Haha, we are going to fully utilize the stairs and have a spook alley upstairs. It'll be great, mark your calendars and we'll see you in costume!


Harris Happenings said...

I gained weight over the summer and in order to get back into my school clothes, I started using MyFitnessPal. It's free online. I lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks! It is harder to do now that I am in school all day and don't have access to a computer to track my food but I really like it.
And, the last time I saw you, you looked great! Don't be too hard on yourself.

Laura said...

Good job Lance for trying to be a good supportive husband, even if you did notice the wrong room. :) It's the thought that counts anyway, right? Gold star for effort!!