Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day

Grandpa invited us to the cabin for some four wheeling on Labor Day weekend. We just went up Monday morning and made a day of it with Grandpa, Mom, and Dad. We first went out on the Razor as a family. I gooped up Kimball with lots of sun screen and buckled us both in.

Kimball was just about asleep from the loud motor and bumpy ride up the short trail behind the cabin. But he was all smiles when we parked.

Then Dad took Lance and I out for a bit. Lance wanted to drive the Razor which was fine by me because it's like driving a car, I'd much rather drive the four wheelers, they're a little more exciting. Mom watched Kimball while we went on our 36 mile jaunt. Dad took us to see where Grandpa went to elementary school and showed us where Ewert and Margaret live. Then we went up to the trail head of Independence Lake. Lance and I were covered with dirt since we trailed Dad but it was so awesome! When we got back the five of us went to the Almo Outpost for some delicious steak. It was a pretty great day!!

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