Thursday, August 30, 2012

Can't Sleep

It's 2:38 am and I can't sleep. Bah! I'm supposed to go with Mom and Trish to UT tomorrow to visit Christine which I'm excited about. She's been working really hard on their new house and I can't wait to see all the updates in person! We're going down to the Swiss Days, apparently it's a really fantastic craft fair thingy that's really popular. It's actually good timing because for the rest of the week, after Lance gets home from work he'll change clothes and go straight to the fair for quartet singing which means it'll be Kimball and I without him all weekend anyway.

Kimball is so funny, I love that boy. He's tip toeing around the furniture and is the perfect height to bang on the tv with his hands and play with the Wii sensory bar thingymajig. Silly boy. He now refuses pureed/mashed up foods and only eats chopped foods which is nice that his formula bill has decreased significantly. He LOVES his daddy, that's for sure! Occasionally Lance will come home on his lunch break and as soon as he walks back out the door, Kimball follows him and then cries when the front door shuts. Lance doesn't think Kimball particularly cares or knows when he's home, but Kimball definitely does.

Remember that procrastination blog post I read that inspired me? Obviously I need to read it again because I still haven't started the painting. Not even the prep work which is most of the battle when it comes to painting.

Lance has been working on putting in a cement patio by the back door. Kimball stands at the french doors and just watches him work while I sit on the couch eating my "double twist cone in a cup with two extra scoops of sprinkles" from Arctic Circle.

There's a show on Netflix called Solved. I'm totally addicted. As in I may or may not have but definitely did watch 3 or 4 episodes today. Today alone. Today alone with my sprinkled ice cream.

A few weeks ago out of the blue Lance says in his most annoying british accent, "I got a twinkle in me eye and a shine on me shoe!" Probably one of those you-had-to-be-there kind of moments but it was absolutely hilarious and I still laugh out loud whenever I think about it. How does he come up with these things? Ok! I'm still laughing out loud even as I type. Dumb! But funny.

Right now I just want to sleep....

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*LaUrA* said...

bahahaha I can totally picture Lance saying that and it makes me laugh too. He is a hoot and a half. If I lived in Twin I would come over and sit on your couch and watch Netflix with you. Or I can sit on a chair if you don't want me on the couch with you. or I can just stay home until you invite me over. But I guess it doesn't matter because I don't live there. The End.