Friday, August 10, 2012

Grip This

My thinking last April: I'm not fat I'm just pregnant.  *Excited smile!*  (Then I puked my guts out for the next eight months).

My thinking this April: I'm not pregnant I'm just fat.  *Contented smile at the baby!*  (Then I jiggle my belly and sigh).

Today I finally came to terms with the fact that I probably won't lose any baby weight. I've fought it for nine months eating healthy and exercising regularly and nothing is happening. I also discovered that while I was pregnant I physically grew. Like, my bones grew, which I don't think has happened since I was 10 years old. Maybe this whole weight loss thing is delusion and I've gone crazy or something. Or perhaps it's those darn Arctic Circle cones loaded with sprinkles?

I have been putting off and putting off going through my clothes and throwing out the ones that no longer fit but today I tackled that feat and put 3/4 of my wardrobe into a garbage bag. I think Heidi is the only one small enough to fit into them so I'll give her the large bag to sort through and whatever she doesn't want I will donate to the DI.

This now means I have nothing to wear which means I get to go shopping. I would be a little more excited about that but we don't have money right now for me to buy clothes. Maybe Lance will give me some for my birthday next week? I doubt it. He doesn't even buy clothes for himself. Clothes shopping is the worst form of shopping in his mind, well maybe grocery shopping is, or "errand running", or.........ok. Just any shopping for that matter.

However, Mom and I are going down to visit Christine at the end of the month, maybe we can stop at a few outlet stores.

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Laura said...

I hope you can find some cute stuff. Whether or not you ever lose that weight, I think you're gorgeous! I wish you could see you the way I see you. :)