Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Do You Bling?

I had a bad today. Why? To be honest, I don't really know. It started out with Lance's alarm clock waking up Kimball so therefore I couldn't sleep in with him. Then as I was feeding him solids for breakfast he (Kimball, not Lance) decided to throw a fit. Sigh......fine. I give up. I'll just feed him a bottle instead of the recommended three feedings a day of solid foods. After I fed him I changed his diaper and he throws MAJOR fits when we change him. Why? I don't know! It would be over in 20 seconds and instead he squirms and fidgets and gets who knows what all over the floor. Then it was nap time which was my shower time. After I got ready for the day and Kimball woke up from his blissful nap, I fed him again and decided to choose my battles. So he got a bottle again. While he was eating, he pooed out of his pants.....and onto me.....that wasn't very funny. So I decided to drown my sorrows by shopping at the mall buying clothes for myself because I have accepted this body of mine won't look anywhere near Gabby Douglas'. (Insert blog story here) --->

***I saw a pin on pinterest about mom jeans and clicked the link to read all about it since I'm now a mom and wear jeans. Simultaneously in fact. It was SO hilarious and entertaining and also quite educational. So, having this new found knowledge about mom jeans, I tried to apply it while drowning my sorrows at the mall.***

I learned a few things at the mall:

#1. Jeans without some kind of bling on the pockets do not exist. I think I'm too old to wear jeans like that and right now they're what's in style. Why am I too old? I don't know. Should a 27 year old mother wear rhinestones on her bum? I just feel so......juvenile? Immature? I even mentioned that to the sales lady who was helping me and a few girls in the next dressing room corrected me, "No you're not! Even my mom wears jeans with the bling." But I distinctly remember shopping with Crystal A. in Charleston and I wanted to browse through Aeropostale. She remarked that she's too old to shop in that store and she was 29 at the time. So, when do you draw the line? At what age do you stop shopping at those kinds of stores? When do you stop shopping in the juniors and go to the misses? When do you stop shopping in the misses and go to the women's? I just don't know! Something about being a mom makes me feel old and like I should dress my age, I guess I don't see a 27 year old wearing rhinestones on the bum. They should be worn on a 12 or 13 year old. But I don't really know.

#2. Jeans are still so dang expensive! When I was a teenager you had to shop at The Buckle to buy jeans over $100. Yeah, those blinging jeans I just mentioned are upwards of $200 and can be found in any store. Who can afford that? I refuse to pay over $20 for a pair. I'm not cheap, I'm just trying to live within a budget and I don't need to fork out $180 more to make me look the exact same as if I forked over $20. I really don't care about designer labels.

#3. I always need to shop with someone. I need someone to be honest and tell me when things look awful and give me their opinion on how my bum looks in jeans or how my chest looks in a shirt. I don't want to look frumpy, disproportionate, ultra McHuge, or like a 13 year old. I remember shopping with Trish once after she had Peytin and she asked me how she looked in a particular shirt. I said, "Well, it'll look better when you're done nursing." Heather thinks I was being rude but I was just being honest and I would hope someone would tell me the same thing. A nursing bra and regular bra can give you two totally different looks! Not to mention the size difference as well.

So how did I do on my shopping trip? I bought a pair of bling jeans at DownEast Basics on clearance for $12 and another pair of regular jeans at Aeropostale on sale for 50% off which made them $20. I really don't know about either pair but the price was right and I'll probably end up taking them back in the end. I need to get someones opinion first.


Laura said...

I can so relate to this. I have to have someone to shop with or else I pick the wrong stuff, then either buy it and regret it later or get frustrated and don't buy anything. Not to mention the whole very limited patience of a child. That is why I have little to no new clothes.

Anyway, I totally hear you about the bling. I am super cheap so therefore I buy super cheap jeans and sometimes they come from Walmart. And those are far too blingy. I need to try the mall. If you ever need a shopping friend or an honest opinion let me know. I would love to shop with you!!

Kempton said...

I knew you were talking about Kimball; Lance would never fuss while eating solids for breakfast.

*LaUrA* said...

haha Kempton is a dork. But I hear ya!!

I think it is ok for you to wear bling jeans...you are still young and cute! All the ladies here wear them. I think I wear cute jeans and they all have designs on the pockets...but no rhinestones or jewels. Did you look at Maurices? I pretty much exclusively buy my jeans from Maurices. They will cost more than $20.00...but for my body it is worth the price to get jeans that fit right and that I am comfortable in. My advice it to spend time trying on different jeans. There is a pair out there waiting for you that you will feel GREAT in!! They will make you smile and do a little dance. I am serious...there is a style and fit out there for everyone. When you find that pair...BUY it! Try not to look at the price because jeans that make you do that dance are sooo worth the price. Then if you can buy a couple pairs in different washes:) Then your jean woes are at bay and you can feel awesome while wearing them. I used to only buy cheap clothes which means I was never wearing what I loved...but what was cheap. Once I started buying what makes me feel good is when I could start feeling ok about my body at the stage I am in. Of course I want to be thin...but while I am not I can still feel good and dress cute! And you are still tiny...I saw you...I speak truth. But I understand your frustration with your new after baby body...so find things that make you do the happy dance! ..even if it just might be one new piece month or every couple of months...a new shirt that you love can keep you happy for months!

I have rambled far too long.