Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Water Day

Last weekend all the boys went on a man trip white water rafting on the Salmon River in Riggins and so all of us girls got together. On Thursday Mom, Christine, and I hung out up town shopping mainly for fabric for Christine to make some curtains in her new house. These pictures are Friday - a water day for all the cousins and a relaxing day on the patio for us moms.

Luckily as the oldest cousin, Charity can read. She read an Amelia Bedelia book to all the kids on the trampoline and they loved it! Followed by playing in the sprinklers, slip n slide, and kiddie pools.


 Here's my water cutie!

 Look at those cheeks! And his little teeth, I just think they're so cute. And somehow I captured some other interesting facial expressions.

I had to put some warm water in the pool, the hose water was too cold for babies.

 Trying to get warm after swimming.

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