Sunday, August 12, 2012

What It Means (to me) To Be A Cox

I checked my email this afternoon and found one unread email from Lance. It was a forward entitled Poo Bread. Two thoughts came to mind, either this is going to be incredibly funny or I will end up saying OK! in the usual astonishing disgust. I opened it and saw the link was a recipe and video directions on making high fiber bread.

(quoting Kempton):

"So, this bread is super easy to make. It usually only takes me between 1 and 1.5 pieces to get things moving along. The key is that the bread is made with flax seed. One serving of flax seed meal has 49 carbs, 46 of which are fiber, haha. Enjoy. :)"
Thanks Kemp, our bathroom is your chore the next time you come for a visit.

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Kempton said...

I'm telling you, this stuff is magical... :)