Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aunt Kathy

Early Sunday morning Aunt Kathy passed away suddenly. The story as I understand it, Friday she went in for an outpatient knee surgery and went home just fine. Kerry tried to wake her at 3am to give her pain meds and basically wouldn't wake up so he thought she was just pretty out of it from the surgery and needed to sleep. Kaitlyn tried to wake her in the morning for pain meds but this time she was much more unresponsive. Brett did CPR and they called an ambulance. She was put in the ICU and found her kidneys were failing and had no brain activity. As the next few hours passed things were looking more grim as family grove and flew into Boise to be with her. They waited for Michael to fly in about midnight on Saturday and they decided to take her off life support. She passed away about 4am on Sunday. The doctors have no idea what went wrong. We don't know if it was some kind of underlying issue that had nothing to do with the surgery or maybe she had a massive stroke or heart attack or if it was a reaction to the anesthetic or pain meds. It's such a shock to the family and Kerry's world has been turned upside down, he's quite distraught. It's just so sad, she was so young, about 60 and left so much family behind. I'm just praying so hard for her family. The funeral is Wednesday at 1pm in Boise and burial afterwards in Shoshone.

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