Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random Journaling About Church

  • I have an amazing responsibility to raise my children not only as good citizens and neighbors who contribute to society but also as members of the church who continue to build God's kingdom. I know Kimball is a baby now and we start by teaching them when they're young. But in a world that's increasingly evil and dark, it's even more vital to teach these children. We had stake conference this weekend and the talks were so good, both the adult session and sunday session. It was so inspiring and I loved attending because it was a good renewal of dedication to the gospel. It was refreshing. The gospel equips us with the tools to teach our children correctly both as members of the church and as good people of a community. Doesn't the bible say that the second great commandment is to love thy neighbor as thyself? I don't think they teach that in schools and it's so important to me that my children be good people. It starts in the home and I have a huge responsibility as a mother to establish righteous patterns. 
  •  Funny story I didn't know: one talk in stake conference was about reverence in sacrament meeting and what we can do to teach our children the importance and sacredness of the ordinance of the sacrament. One tip was to make sure that our sunday bags are full of toys that have zero possibility to make noise or enlighten our children's imagination so much that they make noise (such as trucks or airplanes for little boys. Trish even said that if her books are shaped liked a truck, her boys will soon be imitating one). An example the speaker gave was that in her ward a small child sneaked into church without their parent's knowledge a baby kitty. It must've been a reverent kitten because the parents had no idea until after sacrament meeting that the child sneaked it in. Yeah, turns out that was Brad and Heather's little Aubrey! Heather said it was so hard to be mad at Aubrey because she was so clever and neither her nor Brad realized she brought it in until the very end of the meeting.
  • These past two weeks I have learned that with Kimball's mobilization comes adaptation. He talks and he talks a lot and talks loudly. And he loves to move every part of him that can. I have learned that the best way to deal with his loud talking and ever moving body in church, is to adapt to him. Not the other way around.  I can't expect a 10 month old to sit still and be quiet for three hours nor can I expect him to know why he needs to do so. So I've learned to adapt to him. This keeps me much less frustrated and helps me enjoy my sundays more, having realized this.
  • Channel 7.2 plays BYU tv on sundays and at 9:30 Music and the Spoken Word are on. I love listening to the music right before I leave for church, it sets the tone for the day really well.
  • I have committed to doing my visiting teaching. I'm not good at it but I decided that since I ask my sunday school class to strive to keep the commandments and such, I don't want to be a hypocrite. But I am one if I don't do my visiting teaching. I got August already done and I'm committed to doing it. Because I have been asked to by the Lord and because I'm sure by doing so, the Lord will bless me.

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