Monday, August 13, 2012

Random Pictures From The Phone

This was at Jerusha's house - taking a bath the night before Aunt Kathy's funeral.

 This boy loves to pull himself up to things. His latest favorite places are the stairs and the fireplace.
This is how I found him Thursday morning. I tell you what, not only are we lucky parents because he's the cutest kid in the world; we're lucky because he always finds his pacifier first thing in the morning and will suck on it for who knows how long. Sometimes we don't even know he's awake. Example: about a month ago I got up early before anyone else was up so I could weed outside before it got hot and Lance was put in charge of Kimball. I finished up at 11:30 and found everyone was still asleep. At least Lance was, Kimball was in his crib just sucking on his pacifier laying there as content as could be.
 This was his first ice cream cone. Ok, not ice cream, just the cone. (I ate the ice cream).

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