Thursday, August 9, 2012

Random Thoughts

  • Kathy's funeral went very well. My heart is broken for her kids and grand kids but especially for Kerry. He kept saying how his biggest regret was that he didn't treat his wife as good as he should have and pleaded with the husbands there to always be good to their wives. I know better. Kerry was very loving and kind to Kathy. If's, and's, or but's are typically on the forefront of someone's mind especially after an expected death. He was good to her and it's very evident.
  • It's strange that my house is usually the cleanest 10 minutes before someone comes over than it is all week long.
  • There's something very satisfying about having a freezer packed full of homemade baby food.
  • My weight loss update: I lost one pound in six weeks and gained it back when I got together with the girls while all the men were gone. Go figure. 
  • I have found the best way to budget and buy new clothes for a growing baby is to thoroughly comb through clearance racks at the end of the season. Those $3 complete outfits (shirt, pants, hat, sunglasses) are there, you just have to find them.
  • While searching clearance racks and looking for inexpensive pajamas that Kimball needs now, I'm sad to say he's out of the newborn or baby section. 12-18 months is now considered the toddler stage and I'm sad that he can't fit into those tiny little clothes any more.
  • I finished making a magnetic memo board for my craft room, made myself some new earrings (since I'm usually making them for other people and never wear any that I make myself), made myself my own set of flower cupcakes for my kitchen, and bought a yellow chrysanthemum wreath at Joann's on clearance for $5 (regularly $40). The front door looks so much more inviting and homey!
  • We used the last of our tax return to hire Brandon Larson (Cutting Edge Remodeling, he's from 9th ward) to replace and install new gutters. I was afraid the project was going to end up being much more expensive that anticipated because around most of the house there isn't even a drip edge. Therefore, around most of the house all the trim work is rotted out. So he replaced all that wood, installed drip edges and/or gutters throughout and even added a leaf guard. But he didn't stop there, he pruned up the tree by the back door because it was in his way when he was working and took down one of the antennas on top of the roof. I told him he better tack those latter two items onto our bill so we can pay him for his time. It's so nice to have a clean cut and honest contractor who does excellent work. I highly recommend him!
  • Speaking of clothes, I have never known anyone to wear out clothes faster than Lance. I swear he must take scissors to his suits everyday at work or something. Example: I just bought him a new pair of dress shoes for work since his old ones literally had holes in the soles. Holes in the soles = wet feet all day long, particularly in the spring. Wet feet = stinky feet. We needed shoes in a hurry. I bought a new pair on sale at Macy's in the spring and the other day Lance informed me that those already have holes. Not to mention a shoulder seam on his suit jacket has come apart, a hole in the arm pit of his dress shirt, and a hole in the crotch of his dress pants. I've tried investing thinking the more expensive shoes/suits will last longer. They don't. I've tried getting a few of the inexpensive shoes/suits so they won't wear out as quick. They don't. So here we are with holey clothes once again but he's got to have them for work. I'm fresh out of ideas and money and he's out of fresh clothes.
  • Since he's been pulling himself up to things, Kimball's favorite game is to be scared from behind while he's standing. I also don't think he'll totally crawl. He still does the push up crawl with his arms and one big toe. That's it. I like it that way and I'm not ready yet for him to be big and old enough to be walking.
  • I don't care for watching sports and I'm definitely glad Lance isn't one of those husbands married to ESPN. But, I do love the Olympics and have watched nothing else for the past two weeks.
  • It's scary how fast time goes.I can't believe the summer is almost over and school will begin soon. What's even more scary is that Kimball will smell like #2 pencils and new tennis shoes in four very short years. Crazy!

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