Saturday, September 28, 2013

As Of Late

Not much has been going on that's journal worthy of noting. But for the sake of sounding boring, here's what we've been up to:

  • Work
  • Fixing the horn on his VW bug
  • Barbershop 
  • Getting the fireplaces ready for use
  • Learning to do his "chores"
  • Has to push the dining chair to the counter to help mommy with every meal
  • Loves watching PBS kids on my phone (we only get one PBS channel here, bummer!)
  • Is obsessed with the moon
  • Is obsessed with cuddly things and always carries them around (At first it was his puppy that he sleeps with. That has turned into four more stuffed animals, his pillow, a blanket, and a plush book. He carries all of these wherever he goes).
  • Lots of cooking for Lance's diet (making more freezer on-the-go breakfasts, trying a lot of new recipes, assembling smoothie packs)
  • Reading a book mom sent me called "The Incredible Gifts of Women"
  • Trying to rest more throughout the day to help baby girl nest a little longer
  • Dreaming of yummy desserts to make just for me
  • Still have some rough days as long as I don't push myself physically (Last night I went grocery shopping for the month which was a huge mistake and took a toll on my body. At least I learned it was over my limit).
We did get another offer on the house which wasn't all that great, but we did counter and are waiting to hear if they accepted our counter offer or not. We probably won't find out until Monday so we're keeping our fingers crossed!

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