Sunday, September 22, 2013


This weekend was rather gloomy. The skies were gray and overcast, breezy and a little chilly. It certainly didn't make us want to go outside or do anything. Lance had to work Saturday afternoon so Kimball and I just stayed inside and played. After dinner Lance took us on a tour of the mortuary. Wow. Big. But it was really good to see his office and all the places/things he refers to when he tells me about his day.

Today I subbed in relief society and taught the lesson. Believe it or not that's the first time I've taught RS. I've taught sunday school and yw and primary and everything else but RS so it was good to get to know more of the ladies. I just love everything about the RS organization. I love that I can move to a new place but still have women who are more than happy to help even though they've just met you. For this reason alone I don't know how people survive without the church!

I have nothing on my agenda this week other than my doctor appointment on Tuesday with the high risk specialists. I can't wait for this appointment! I'm really anxious and really nervous. I'm really hoping they'll tell me all the concerns they had about the baby have corrected themselves with time and that I can deliver early. That's the best case scenario I'm hoping for. I'll just keep my mind on the positive and hope its a great appointment. It'll be long but at least Lance will be there for support.

I keep forgetting to document Kimball's progress of transitioning to a twin bed. We started about 1.5 weeks ago knowing that it'll be a learning curve for him and a patience tester for me. But he's done really well! The first few nights it took him two hours to fall asleep and I was very persistent at putting him back in bed every time he got up. I quickly learned that doing it this way wasn't best for Kimball because he thought it was a game and it got him all riled up. Of course he would get out of bed and lay on the floor in front of the door and unless we move him, that's where he'll sleep all night.

What works best for Kimball is to let him fall asleep wherever he may, and then put him in bed once he's asleep. With just two days of doing this he now stays in bed and doesn't go for the floor at all. He does well with nap times too. Yay!

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