Thursday, May 1, 2014

GI Appointment

I finally got an appointment with the pediatric GI doctor for Cora! Whew!!!! Of all things that need addressed and corrected, it's her reflux and eating problems. It was a very overwhelming appointment, we went through a series of question and answers, ordered several tests, and I was supposed to remember it all.

They changed Cora's formula to Elecare which is $45 for a 16 oz. can which will last Cora 2 days. Yikes! But I don't care how expensive it is, if it shows improvement I will do anything for my baby. Dr. Z is wondering if Cora is allergic to the formula and rice cereal I was using as a thickener so we are trying this out. Today we also switched out the rice cereal for some stuff called Thick It which is $29 for a can. I really hope both of things together will help her tummy feel better over time.

Dr. Z ordered several tests, one was blood work to test her liver and pancreas which I've already heard back were normal so that's a good sign. She ordered me to collect poop samples to have that tested which is stored in a brown paper bag in the fridge. Don't eat it! Next week Cora goes in for a gastric emptying study and I have to take a certain antibiotic with me to give her halfway through the study. I'm not sure what they're looking for with the antibiotic. We were also referred to an ENT specialist. If the new formula and thickener doesn't work then we'll start a new reflux medicine and hope she doesn't have another reaction to it and if that doesn't work then she'll refer us to an allergist.

So for now, lots of appointments and tests and I'm really, really hoping we can get her severe reflux under control and find something that her tummy will tolerate. Poor girl!

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