Saturday, May 24, 2014

Surgery Day 3 & 4

Day 3: While Lance and I were on our date the previous night, Cora pulled out the nose tube so the night shift nurses put it back in. That girl! I can't blame her though, I'd hate to have a nose tube! Because she pulled it out, the nurses had to put these braces on her arms so she can't bend her arms to get to her face or any of the cords and tubes. Look at her, what a strong girl still smiling through it all! So when the doctor made his rounds in the morning I was explaining to him what happened. He got a concerned look on his face and said the nurses shouldn't have done that, they should have called him immediately. Apparently they could've pushed the tube too far and poked a hole in one of the surgery sites. Dr. Chan immediately ordered an xray which showed the tube was indeed too far but no damage to the surgery site, thank goodness. The nurses pulled the tube out 8 centimeters and then did another xray to ensure it was in the proper place. Cora still did not have a poopy diaper so the doctor ordered her a glycerin suppository to get her bowels moving quicker.

It was a hard day for her. Arm braces = no thumb sucking. No thumb sucking = no self soothing. No self soothing = a grumpy baby. I had to hold Cora all day long, otherwise she just screamed and cried. A volunteer came by the room to see if she could help me so I let her hold Cora for a few hours while I went home to eat dinner, grab clean clothes, and spend a little time with Kimball, Mom, and Lance.

When I got back to the hospital Cora had pulled the tube out again and Dr. Chan said to leave it out and see how she does. She also had a poopy diaper when I was gone so that was a relief!
Day 4: Today. Look at this happy baby! Because she pulled the nose tube out again, they took the arm braces off of her so she had her hands back to suck on. She was thrilled! She's been so good today and Dr. Chan said she looked great and continued to do well off the nose tube so we get to start feeding today, hurray! They're starting slow at 5ml an hour of pedialyte and will gradually increase. This will be the first food she's had in her tummy in 2 weeks and since the surgery, so I'm excited and hoping it helps her recover a bit quicker. If she tolerates the pedialyte I can switch it out to formula  in a few hours so I'm anxious to get her digestive system back to normal. So far, today is looking great!


Stephanie said...

Poor kid's been through a lot! :( what a trooper though!

AVJ said...

Becky, I cannot believe how much Cora has had to go through already! I can't believe how much you've had to do and I'm so proud of your strength. You remind me of a modern pioneer. Sometimes having to work through the week with the kids are your own but with help from your fellow members of the church. Sometimes having so many bad things happen that you want to burst into tears. You are such an impressive woman Becky. I love you and I can't wait to get to to see you and yours this summer if you are able. Love Alissa